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I welcome you to the University of Zakho's College of Engineering. As a college, we have the good fortune to seek knowledge and apply it to improve the lives of others in our community.

Our college provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in petroleum, mechanical, and, more recently, civil and environmental engineering, among other multidisciplinary engineering topics. With great pleasure, I announce that we will be collaborating with the faculty at a Foreign University to obtain a joint or double degree in one of the engineering departments. Additionally, we are collaborating to have our programs accredited by ABET.

We look forward to working together with them in the future.

As they say, "create opportunity instead of waiting for it." Thus, we have committed all our resources to creating and executing excellent programs primarily focused on providing excellence and superiority in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Our pursuit of achievement is a continuous endeavor. My dedication to this university entails upholding and attaining excellence in our community service, research, and teaching responsibilities. To produce future engineering professionals, we are committed to offering our students engaging educational opportunities.

We have made it evident that we want to become a premier University and help our students become innovators driven by honesty, originality, and a spirit of entrepreneurship. Therefore, the College of Engineering is the right destination if you're seeking a unique and fulfilling adventure into the always-expanding engineering field. Come along and help shape the technologies of the future.



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