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The rapid discovery and development of oil and gas industry in kurdistan resulted in increasing demand for petroleum engneers. Thus, the idea of establishing engineering college and in particulare the petroluem engineering was suggested and adobted by President of University of Zakho, Dr Lazgin Abdi Jamil to meet the shortage of oil and gas professionals and to fulfil the industry needs. Petroluem Engineering Departmant was established in 2013 to form the basis for Engineering College. In 2014, due to shortage of Mechanical Engineers, the Department of Mechnaical Engineering was established to meet the needs of local industries. In 2016, Dr Lokman who was director of international relations office at University of Zakho, was apointed the first dean of the college. The college is commited on providing excellent learning and research environmrnt for students by ongoing recruitment and retaining of quality academic staff, providing good learning facilties and participating in research programs with the collaboration of local and international universities and working with industries such as oil and gas industry and other profesional organizations.



Department of Civil And Environment Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Petroleum Engineering

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