Scientific Research Center


Research Center is considered one of the modern research technically advanced centers, because of its modern and sophisticated equipment, which helps the researcher to perform the required analyzes. The scientific research center was established in 2013 and is located in the campus of the university of Zakho. Group of academics are undertaking research that is widely recognized as world-leading in an establishment area of expertise. Addressing significant international challenges and problems and redefine the parameters of one or more disciplines.

The center focuses on scientific development of new chemical knowledge and understanding through cutting-edge research that provides a foundation for future intellectual growth and stimulates technological developments that improves the quality of life and better understanding of our environment.


Contact Information

Scientific Research Center

Zakho International Road, Duhok, Kurdistan Region-Iraq, P. O. Box 12


Sunday - Thursday 08:30a.m. - 03:00p.m.

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