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Plan your visit to the University of Zakho campus by previewing our website and find the University Events. Make sure to download the University Guide for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Parking?

Within the campus of the university, each faculty and college has its own parking area. For more information on the location of the parking area please visit the Campus Structure.

How Can I Access the Internet?

The University does provide open guest internet to the public at the moment you have the wireless network which is defined as “UOZ Network”. Any visitor can have an access to the internet once connected to the internet where you can use “guest” as the username and also the password, in the hotspot page. Moreover, each staff member at the University of Zakho has his/her own account to have an access to the internet.

Where Are the Lost-and-Found Locations?


It would be a good idea to start with the digital overview of the campus structure. A single tour might be enough to cover most (not all) of the important University resources and facilities. Moreover, The International Relations Office provides help to find out which tours the visitor would like to have.

Tours for Prospective Students

Each of the University faculty and college has its own stories and special resources to share. The Directorate of Students Affairs will help you to arrange a visit in one of the classes and meet with students.

The Library of the University of Zakho

Each of the university faculty and college has its own library where the tours are available for prospective graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars. These tours can be arranged by contacting the Directorate of Student Affairs .

Our Neighborhood

An attractive amusement and recreation park called “Happy Park” is located to the north of the university. It is a place where you can have fun and enjoyable time. The park is provided with a lot of attractions and modern parks.

Campus Tour Time

We are open on Sunday - Thursday at 08:30am to 03:00pm, except on holidays.

University of Zakho

Zakho International Road, Duhok, Kurdistan Region-Iraq, P. O. Box 12

Phone1: 00964627649807

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