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The University of Zakho is interested in the development and provision of all the scientific requirements of each department in addition to the application of the scientific quality assurance. They are also taking into account creating opportunities for the graduates of the university and the labor market. The University of Zakho formed a program to help raise the scientific level according to international standards through the development of the programs, the implementation of health instruction and to sustain the application of science and quality assurance. The previous points represent a part of the followed policy of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The Information Communication Technology and Statistics Center at the University of Zakho has an effective contribution in the process of developing and improving the education and scientific researches at the University. The Center consists of five main divisions: Website, Media, Maintenance, Statistics, and Software Developers divisions.

The center aims in assisting the University to accomplish its goals by being trustworthy and committed, by supplying the students, and the academic staff of the University with high quality IT and Statistics services. Since the ICT & Statistics Center ambitions are to achieve the University's goals, we do so by providing best ICT & Statistics services for all university members (students, academic staff, administrators, and even visitors) in order to quest after an academic privilege. The Center's vision is to become a fundamental ICT & Statistics center in Higher Education.


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ICT and Statistics Center

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