Career Employability and Development Center


The University of Zakho established the Career Development Center at the University campus. The center is a part of the student’s service. The major goals of CDC at the University of Zakho are as followed:

Leadership - Demonstrating leadership skills in career education for the students at the University of Zakho so that the university students will be better prepared for the career development and the career success of graduates.

Understanding about Customer Service & Access Communication Skills and Student Marketing - Developing and implementing effective marketing and communication strategy skills, for the students of University of Zakho.

Priority & Effective Management - Helping students to develop skills of time and project management plus taking priority in their work career environment.

Team working experience and skills - Create a positive, safe, cooperative, and productive work environment inside the university campus as well as with local private organizations where cultivation of personal expertise and professional development is encouraged for students.


Contact Information

Career Employability and Development Center

Zakho International Road, Duhok, Kurdistan Region-Iraq, P. O. Box 12


Sunday - Thursday 08:30a.m. - 03:00p.m.

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