Directorate of International Relations Affairs


The University of Zakho was established on the 8th of July 2010 as a nonprofit governmental organization for higher education through a formal order that was issued by the presidency of the ministers in KRG.            

The international relations office plays a big role in providing resources, platforms, and intellectual exchanges; International relation office is solely dedicated to improving global relations, promoting diverse joint research programs, and assisting students and staff members..                          

The International relation office has served as a coordinating unit for all international exchanges and research at the University of Zakho, establishing and renewing linkages and agreements with a number of international organizations. Since its inception, the Foreign Relations Office has endeavored to expand such relationships with international partner institutions. The International relation office continues to promote the University of Zakho's worldwide-participation while also upgrading its academic programs.


Contact Information

Directorate of International Relations Affairs

Zakho International Road, Duhok, Kurdistan Region-Iraq, P. O. Box 12

+964 750 494 39 57

Sunday - Thursday 08:30a.m. - 03:00p.m.

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