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The College of Administration and Economics was recognized in 2015. It includes two departments, the Departments of Commerce & Banking and the Department of Business Economics, and planning to open more Departments. The colleges aimed to teach the basic knowledge and practical skills for modern commerce, banking and business economics. The College of Administration and Economics is very important for the modern era. It was opened to increase students’ knowledge in business and provide them with skills that will help them to deal with the complexities of the business world, both nationally and internationally.

The most important goal of the College is to enable the students to achieve success in the business world and to become future business leaders. The College strives to give the students a suitable learning environment and to build up their scientific background in this field of education. The duration of the study in the College is four academic years and after completing the program successfully, they will be awarded Bachelor’s Degree in the field of their specialization.



Department of Banking and Financial Sciences

Department of Economic Sciences

Department of Management Sciences

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College of Administration and Economics

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