College of Science


22 April 2024, 20:03
The University of Zakho Commemorates World Earth Day

On April 22, 2024, the University of Zakho commemorates World Earth Day by conducting a tree planting initiative within the university campus. 

The event was attended by the university counc...

17 January 2024, 11:16
Two University of Zakho Professors Have been Awarded Certificates of Appreciation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

On January 15, 2024, Dr. Aram M. Qader, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, recognized and awarded the most accomplished researchers at universities in the Kurdistan Region. A...

6 December 2023, 12:31
The University of Zakho Launches a Workshop Under the slogan "Mathematics: The Gateway to Understanding Data Science and Artificial Intelligence"

Under the slogan "Mathematics: The Gateway to Understanding Data Science and Artificial Intelligence," a workshop entitled "Math in Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence: Lessons and Applicatio...

22 November 2023, 11:29
The University of Zakho Opens an Art Exhibition

The Department of Environmental Sciences in collaboration with the Directorate of Culture and Arts in Zakho organized an art exhibition for students and artists on November 21, 2023, at the College...

23 October 2023, 10:46
A Lecturer from the University of Zakho Participated in the Second International IT Forum of Garmian University

On October 21, 2023, Dr. Ismael Ali, a lecturer in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University Of Zakho, participated in the Second International Forum on Computing and Information Techno...

16 October 2023, 10:16
A Collaborative Project Was Conducted between the University of Zakho and Oldenburg University

Researchers from the University of Zakho collaborated with a team from the University of Oldenburg to develop a matching concept in a collaborative effort.

During their laboratory internship...

15 October 2023, 21:34
A Lecturer from the University of Zakho Has Published a Research in ACS Publications with Impact Factor 10.3

Sameera Sh. Mohammed Ameen from Chemistry department, College of Science, university of Zakho with her professor Khalid M. Omer from Chemistry department, College of Science, university of Sulaiman...

9 October 2023, 16:07
Two Zakho University Professors Have been Included in the World’s Top 2% of Scientists List, 2023

Zakho University is pleased to announce that, Asst. Prof. Dr. Hazhar F. Ismail and Asst. Prof. Dr. Karmina K. Ali, from the Department of Mathematics in the College of Science, have been included i...

13 July 2023, 23:19
دو ماموستایێن زانکۆیا زاخۆ پشکداری د کوڕبەندەکێدا کرن

ڕۆژا پێنجشەمـبی ڕێــکــکـــەفتی (٢٠٢٣/٧/١٣) شاندەک ژ زانکۆیا زاخۆ، کۆ پێکهاتبوون ژ بەرێزان (د. محمود عبد یوسف) سەرۆکێ پشکا ئەندازیاریا شارستانی و ژینگەهـ و (پ.هـ.د نجم الدین نێروەیی) ماموستایێ پشکا...

17 April 2023, 09:15
Asiacell Company Organized a Seminar for Students of the Computer Science Department

On April 17, 2023, Mr. Saleem, an engineer from Asiacell, conducted an informative seminar on "Asiacell Information Technology Infrastructure" at the University of Zakho. The seminar was held for t...