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The purpose of the development of medical education methods in the college of Medicine is predominantly to graduate excellent physicians in order to help and service in hospital and community services. For this purpose, it is useful to observe and analyze how medical education system is carried out in the college of medicine at the University of Zakho. Integrated health system is therefore one of the important key for medical education because basic medical sciences learning within the context of clinical and professional practice and is thought by students to be more meaningful and applicable.


1. Developing mechanisms to encourage academic staff of the college to contribute fully to develop       integrated  curriculum and up-to-date with all that is new in medicine.   

2. Changing the idea of classical teaching method into a comprehensive learning process.   

3. Developing students’ independent study skills for life-long learning processes.   

4. Providing very early clinical experience and community training.   

5.  Preparing medical students to study and practice the medical for the duration of their lives very       professionally. 

6. Regularly checking the learning and teaching process, taking feedback from student and then modify      accordingly. 

7. Improving the student assessment system towards clinical problem solving and questions that motivate       the critical thinking of students.

8. Changing the way of learning from teacher centered to student centered learning by allowing students      to share idea with other students in the small group session.


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