Department of Biomedical Science


The Department of Biomedical Sciences is part of the college of medicine at University of Zakho. The Department was initially responsible for improving the quality and importance of basic science education for medical students. This department is multi-disciplinary program comprised of different disciplines through basic and clinical sciences covering a range of field from molecular biology, physiology, biochemistry and immunology to microbiology. We have also more focused on developing research scientific programs specifically through the knowledge of biomedical related disciplines. 

Biomedical Science department has the following duties:

1. Preparing the semester and annual reports on the state of the department from the

administrative department in a precise and proper manner, including the level of

performance of the department and the most important problems and times faced by the

proposed solutions.

2. Developing educational methods of teaching and providing modern means of audio-

visual education.

3. Supervising the department, organizing its work, distributing among its employees and

managing all its attendees including (classrooms, labs, mills, fields and warehouses) and

securing the owners and the necessary supplies.

4. Supervising the conduct of teaching, teaching performance and teaching methods on the

requirements of quality assurance in coordination with the Department of Medical


5. Award the employees of the department regular leave for one day only and make a

recommendation on what goes beyond that to the Dean.

6. Recommending thanks / appreciation and punishment to departmental regarding

administrative issues.

7. Recommending the nomination of lecturers from outside the college and university to

teach at the college.

8. Recommending that the teaching staff and other departmental staff be assigned to perform

some of the necessary tasks to follow up the affairs of the department

9. Forming the administrative, technical and practical committees in the department to

follow up the different department duties after the approval of the college council.

10. Implementation of decisions of the University Council and the College Council in respect

of biomedical administration department.


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Department of Biomedical Science

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