Statistics shows that Website of the University of Zakho is constantly progressing

Monday, 31 December 2018, 00:00

Based on the basic principles planned by the University of Zakho, the ICT & Statistics Center is working hard in developing University website and improving its performance in order to serve our staff, students and the society in general.
Therefore, services that are provided by website of the University of Zakho in the academic year 2017-2018 have been developed and improved, especially for our students and academics, and for all of our visitors in general. Hence, this leads to rapid communication, improved quality of work and accuracy of the available information, which is positively reflected in the development of the educational process which is offered by the University. Following is the Annual Report of ICT & Statistics Center-UoZ, 2018.

Websites & Applications of University of Zakho

Main Website of University of Zakho:

A) Faculties & Colleges Websites:

1. Faculty of Science:
2. Faculty of Humanities:
3. Faculty of Education:
4. College of Engineering:
5. College of Administration and Economics:
6. Evening studies:

B) Directories & Centers Websites:

1. Training & Development Center:
2. Center of Applied Remote Sensing & GIS:
3. Carrier Employability & Development Center:
4. ICT & Statistics Center:
5. Directorate of Quality Assurance:
6. Zakho Center For Kurdish Studies (Developed in 2018):

C) Services Websites:

1. Library:
2. Student Portal:
3. Staff Portal (Developed in 2018):
4. Student Registration:
5. Ranking & IMS:
6. Alumni:

D) Social Media of UoZ:

2. - (Developed in 2018)
3. - (Developed in 2018)
5. Youtube
6. Google Plus
7. Linkedin

E) Mobile Application of UoZ:

1. For Android:
2. For iOS:

F) Other Important Sites:

1. Vice President for Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs:
2. Scientific Affairs:
3. Bologna Information System:
4. Postgraduate Affairs:
5. Journals of UoZ:
6. Science Journal of UoZ:
7. Humanities Journal of UoZ:
8. Second International Scientific Conference, 2017:
9. International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering 2018 (ICOASE2018) (Developed in 2018):
10. International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE) (Developed in 2018):

Annual Statistics of UoZ Website Activities, 2018

1. Number of the published news is 268.
2. Number of the published events is 34.
3. Number of the published academic theses is 44.
4. Number of the academic staff is 539.
5. Number of the published activities is 12.
6. The following table shows the UoZ Website Traffic (Bandwidth) - Comparison among 2016, 2017, and 2018:-

Annual ICT & Statistics Center Report of 2018