Career Development Center Held a Workshop

Sunday, 4 March 2018, 00:00

On Thursday, March 1, 2018, Zhigger Kh. Abozaid, The ambassador of “European Forum Alpbach”, in cooperation with Career Development Center and English Department at the University of Zakho presented a workshop on “ How to apply for the European Forum Albpach Scholarships” for students in order to promote the forum among students, to encourage them to apply for a scholarship or register for the forum and to attend one of the biggest forum in Europe.

The ambassador added that European Forum Alpbach offer is aimed at people under the age of 30. He farther stated that every summer at the European Forum Alpbach over 700 young people from over 70 nations immerse themselves in a unique environment of new ideas, new ways of thinking and new contacts. He further stated that this year the program includes 20 academic seminars chaired by respected scholars and over 200 plenary discussions and breakout sessions on the general theme of “Diversity and Resilience”, which will take place from August 15th - 31st, 2018.