The University of Zakho participated at the Scientific Conference of Yuzuncu Yil University

Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 00:00

On Thursday 4th of May, 2017, Dr. Nizar Ayub Hassan, a lecturer from the Department of History, University of Zakho, with his academic research titled "The Role of the Kurdish Tribal in the Administrative and Political Life in the Emirate of Hakkari at the Ottoman Period", participated in the scientific conference entitled "the Tribal Reality in Turkey" of the Yuzuncu Yil University , Van, northern Kurdistan.
It is worth mentioning that, Dr. Nizar presented his research in one of the panels of the conference, and the door opened for interventions, and many constructive discussions were held between him and the audience, and his research received the attention of researchers.
At the end of the conference, Dr. Nizar was honoured by the certificate of participation, in appreciation of his efforts.