The University of Zakho Has Made Progress According to the Recent Statistics of Webometrics

Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 21:45

According to Webometrics, for the fifteenth time in a row, the University of Zakho achieved a new advancement in the university rankings worldwide.

As reported in the recently updated ranking list of the world’s universities, the University of Zakho has obtained the position of '2894'. It is vital to highlight that the University of Zakho has attained the rank of ‘3’ among the governmental universities of the Kurdistan Region, and the rank of ‘16’ among Iraqi universities.

It is worth mentioning that Webometrics is a ranking system for the world’s universities. It offers a bi-annually (July, January) updated ranking list of global universities. Significantly, the rankings are based on certain composite factors, including a 50% assessment of the online presence of the official website and electronic systems of the universities and a 40% evaluation of the scientific production and the quality of the scientific research. The remaining 10% is based on citations on Google Scholar.

On behalf of the UoZ’s Presidency, we extend our sincere congratulations to the academic members, employees, and students of the university, strongly encouraging continuous improvement in academic performance.

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