Sunday, 23 October 2016, 00:00

Helmholtz Zentrum Rossendurf (HZDR), a well-know research center in Dresden/Germany, hosted a group of 32 undergraduate petroleum engineering and mechanical engineering students of University of Zakho who are in their fourth year to take part in a 9 day training program from 1st -9 th of October 2016 which has focused primarily on multi-phase flow measurement techniques. The group headed to Germany on 29th September 2016 under the supervision of the dean of faculty of engineering Dr. Lokman Aziz and Mr. Shivan. The entire program and students facilitations was funded and sponsored by DAAD.

The students were keen to learn and gain experiences in the field, therefore, they actively participated and attended all the seminars on multi-phase flow measurement techniques given by a number of professors and PhD students of HZDR as well as Dr. Lokman. Besides, they visited some laboratories, such as; High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Ion Beam, Wire Mesh Sensor (WMS), Germa-Ray and X-Ray of HZDR. They also went on a short tour to the Technology University of Dresden and its laboratories mainly those of engineering. At the end of training course, each student wrote a report on the training giving their feedback on the training outcome and what they learned. They were also awarded participation certificates by the head of the HZDR.

Nevertheless, the group came across other useful experiences, such as; participating in the famous annual Berlin Wall Fall Festival on 2nd October, 2016 and sightseeing a number of ancient and places of interest after the successful completion of the training.