A Career Development Center Coordinator Attended an Event at the American University of Kurdistan

Tuesday, 11 October 2022, 13:00

On October 6, 2022, the Career Development Center Coordinator, Mr. Ahmed L. Alyousify, attended the event of the launch of P3. Express at the American University of Kurdistan. The attendees of the event included government, universities, and NGO representatives in addition to project management enthusiasts.

P3. Express is a new project management course at AUK and Kurdistan at large. It is a practical project management system that is used in different projects and it uses a cyclic system to make activities simple and more regular.

The event started by signing a memorandum of understanding between AUK and Data Quest, followed by Mr. Frank Turley giving an introduction on project management, the importance of having project management skills, and also the p3. Express in general. 

After the introduction, a panel discussion was held by Dr. Randal Rhodes, Mr. Amed Latif, Mr. Raffi Simonian, Dr. Dara Sherwani, and Ms. Sinbl Yakoob. The panel was moderated by Jarjis Imad. During the panel discussion, questions on how to motivate people to do project management, how to manage huge facilities, and the difference between the culture of project management abroad and in Kurdistan were discussed and answered.

One of the main points all panelists focused on was that people need to gain actual practical skills. They also pointed out that “Having a certificate is good for a CV but having a skill is good for your life".