An Academic Delegation of the University of Zakho Participated in a Project Entitled “Apprais” in Italy

Thursday, 17 March 2022, 10:15

A delegation of the University of Zakho, which consisted of Dr. Yaseen T. Mustafa, Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Karwan F. Sami, Vice President for Students Affairs, Dr. Dler A. Jameel, Director of Quality Assurance, and Dr. Nizar I. Ali, Director of International Relations Affairs, participated in a project entitled “Apprais” in Italy. Moreover, eight (8) universities of Kurdistan Region, Ministry of Higher Education and four (4) European Universities cooperated in the aforementioned project.

The project aims at the development of the Bologna System, Quality Assurance and universities of Kurdistan. Additional objectives include the undertakings needed to overcome the obstacles intercepting the universities of Kurdistan and to strengthen the connection between the universities inside and outside of Kurdistan.

Noteworthy, the project is going to last for three (3) years. The first workshop was conducted in Erbil on March 15, 2022, and the second one in the city of Pisa in Italy.