The Career Development Center held an event to conclude the (Creating and Using the Email and Sending Data) course

Thursday, 23 December 2021, 08:53

On the 21st of December 2021, the Career Development Center CDC at the University of Zakho at the Faculty of Humanities, held an event to conclude the (Creating and Using the Email and Sending Data) course. The course was concluded in the presence of the director of students accommodation (Dr. Dilsher Ahmad Mohammed), the director of administration of the University of Zakho (Mr.Lazgin Halo),  the director of Career Development Centre ( Ms. Berivan Mohammad Ahmad),  the coordinators and the staff of CDC and at the end, the certificates have been distributed on the participants. It is worth mentioning that,  the course was presented by the coordinator of the Career Development Centre CDC at the Faculty of Science  ( Mr. Ahmed Loqman), about 50 students participated in the mentioned course. The course was held on the following days:24/11/2021
Furthermore,  the Career Development Centre will keep on going these activities for developing the students' skills.