A Workshop on ‘Academic English Unified Curriculum’ was Conducted

Tuesday, 9 March 2021, 12:00

In the presence of Dr. Yaseen T. Mustafa, Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies, and Dr. Hoger T. Tawfiq, Dean of School of Humanities, on March 9th, 2021 a collaborative workshop between English Department at School of Humanities and Language Center entitled ‘academic English unified curriculum’ was conducted. This came after a long discussion and a series of meetings between both the head of English department Dr. Aveen M. Hasan and the Director of Language Center, Mr. Ivan H. Murad to decide on a specific unified curriculum for the academic English module that is taught in all departments at the University of Zakho. After these meetings and discussions, New Cutting Edge course/elementary level was chosen to be followed, in addition to unified teaching methods and assessment strategies. Based on this a workshop was conducted for all the teachers involved in teaching Academic English module as a unified curriculum in the departments of the University of Zakho. Therefore, the aim of the workshop was to give an overview of the chosen curriculum, an introduction to the process of teaching the curriculum, the handbook and the assessment strategies.

At the beginning of the workshop a short speech was delivered by Dr. Yaseen T. Mustafa, Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies, and Dr. Hoger T Tawfiq, Dean of School of Humanities pinpointing some academic and scientific issues relating to the subject. Later a presentation on (An introduction to the unified academic curriculum; the handbook the in class lectures: listening and speaking) was delivered by Dr. Aveen M. Hasan, the Head of English Department/ School of Humanities. This was followed by a short break. After that another presentation on (An introduction to the New Cutting Edge and the recorded lectures: Writing and Reading) was delivered by Mr. Ivan H. Murad, the Director of Language Center. The last session of the workshop was devoted for a ‘General Discussion’ during which the teachers asked their questions and exchanged their views about the curriculum.