The President of the University of Zakho Honors a Group of Professors with Certificates of Appreciation

Monday, 16 November 2020, 13:33

The President of the University of Zakho, Prof. Dr. Lazvin A. Jamil, honored a group of university professors with certificates of appreciation for their participation in the e-Learning Professional Training Program, which was established by the American IREX Organization in cooperation with the American Embassy in Baghdad and the Iraqi and Kurdish Ministries of Higher Education.

Most Iraqi and Kurdish universities participated in the session, during which the participants received extensive lessons and ample information in order to develop their capabilities and develop their skills in the field of e-learning.

The following are the names of the professors participating in the program:

Mr.  Kovan Abdul-Jabbar

Dr. Dalir Adel Gamil

Ms. Delin Adeeb Mohamed Saleh

Dr. Kanaan Ramadan Ahmed

Mr. Sherwan Abdul Sattar Abdullah‌

Mr. Sabah Suleiman Hajji

Mr. Sirwan Kamal

Mr. Renas Issa Mohamed