The University of Zakho Participated in the Regional Petrobowl Competition

Wednesday, 24 June 2020, 13:20

On Tuesday ,23rd of June 2020, a team of the University of Zakho (Students of Petroleum Engineering Department) participated in petrobowl competition. Many universities  throughout middle east and north Africa, (From Pakistan till Algeria) participated in the competition too. 

The University of Zakho rose to the second stage after achieving victory over several universities, including the participating universities from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the participating Iraqi universities, and several universities from other countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Kuwait.

  At the end,  the University of Zakho and seven other universities are remaining the competition for the second stage and the University of Zakho is the only one representing Iraq now. 


 Team members from the University of Zakho were:

1- Mohammed Khalid Abdullah, Team Leader

2- Abdulkhabir Yousif Mahmood, Member

3- Sewas Shexmosa Ahmed, Member

4- Chiman Jamel Haasan, Member

5- Siraj Muhammed Raoof, Member