For the First Time in Kurdistan and Iraq, the Electronic Diploma System Is Available at the University of Zakho

Sunday, 19 April 2020, 14:45

The University of Zakho introduced the electronic graduation certificate request system in a first of its kind in the region and Iraq, in a step towards a qualitative improvement in the quality of university work.

Through this step, the University of Zakho seeks to facilitate administrative work, overcome difficulties, save time and reduce staff effort.

The implementation of the electronic graduation certificate application system is another important step for the university towards the electronic work in it and its transformation from the traditional system to a contemporary electronic system.

The new system is characterized by many features, specifications and services that keep pace with the current progress, and the applicant can request his/her university graduate certificate easily by entering the system and registering his/her name and entering information and choosing the type of certificate in the language he/she desires (Arabic, Kurdish, English), and the applicant can also add an additional name to receive the certificate instead of him/her if he/she is unable to receive.

He/she can also know the stages that the certificate passes through and view them, starting from submitting the application and accepting it through the audit stage and ending with the stage of announcing the date of receipt.

It is worth mentioning that the system is created by Mr.Muhammad Haitham under the supervision of each of Dr. Abdul-Hakim Othman-Director of General Registration Directorate, and Assistant Prof. Dr. Karwan Fahmy Sami-Vice President of the University for Student Affairs, and Mr. Kovan Abdul-Jabbar-Director of the Statistics and ICT Center.


To view the new system, click on the link below: