The Iraqi Ministry of Education Officially Recognizes the University of Zakho

Thursday, 16 January 2020, 00:00

Today, Wednesday, the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research formally recognized the University of Zakho.

This came during the meeting held by a committee in the Iraqi Ministry of Education and a committee in the Iraqi parliament to discuss the recommendations of the committee that was previously set up by the ministry in order to visit the University of Zakho and see the university’s colleges and centers and the progress of the educational process and the quality of education at the university.

The Ministry obliged the University of Zakho to complete a number of recommendations that it had made no later than the end of July of this year provided that the same committee visits the university for the purpose of follow-up, scrutiny and the university's implementation of the announced recommendations.

In addition to the University of Zakho, the Ministry also recognized four other universities, namely, Soran and Kurdistan in Erbil, Helbja, and Raparin, and it is likely that in the next few days it will recognize three other Kurdish universities.


Now, students of the University of Zakho can apply outside the country to complete their master's and doctoral studies after the university is included in the unified Iraqi universities directory.