International Conference of Education and Teaching To Be Held

Start Date: Monday, 17 May 2021, 09:30 - End Date: Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 15:40

The first International Conference of Education and Teaching to be held from May 17, 2021 to May 18, 2021. The International Conference on Education & Teaching in K-12 Schools (ICET) is a joint educational event organized by Stirling Schools, Cambridge University Press, City & Guilds, and GEMS.

It intends to promote education and contribute to the development of the schools and teachers’ professional development in Iraq and KRG.

ICET brings together teacher trainers, educational experts, and community leaders from the national and international community. Presentations in ICET are delivered in three languages: English, Arabic and Kurdish.

It’s worth mentioning that the ICET 2021 is organized with the support of Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan Region.

The University of Zakho is a supporting partner of this conference. For more information, click the following link: