Important Guidelines for the Online English Course Participants

Monday, 1 April 2024, 16:11

Regarding the online course, the following guidelines must be observed:

  • The online course will start on April 2, 2024. 
  • From April 9 until April 12, it is a holiday for Eid al-Fitar, and on April 17, it is the Yazidi’s New Year’s Feast. 
  • After the course concludes, the center will announce a date for the test. 
  • No books will be used for the courses delivered by the teachers of the center; instead, the students will be using Imperial English Apps.


First (registration) 

  • An automatic email will be sent to the participant, which contains the student's ID and password. The student must log in to the applications listed below.

Second (downloading both apps)  


Third (Update Profile) 

  • Update your profile after logging in and downloading all the information, including the names and levels of the courses. The names and information must be entered correctly and checked; if there is a mistake, your certificate will be written with the same name

Fourth (Technical Support) 

  • For any technical problems or assistance, please do not contact us by email, just click Contact Chat Support in the Student App.


Participants should be aware of the following points: 

  • Be on time and join your class.
  • Get information from teachers about Check your email /Connect App.
  • Before starting a class, you must check your device's microphone and speakers to ensure that the sound is working properly.
  • Participate in classes and activities.
  • Use the application on your laptop, computer, tablet, and mobile phone and verify that your level is correct.
  • Click on the Profile Tab on the left side of the menu.
  • Then check that your name, level, and class are correct, and if there is a problem, notify the teacher or center.