An Announcement from the Language Center

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 14:22

The language center is pleased to inform the participants of the English Language Placement Tests conducted on August 7-8, 2023, at Salahaddin, Sulaimani, and Duhok Universities’ Language Centers that they can start registering on February 21, 2024.

The language course at the governmental language centers will provide the participants with the option to decide whether to attend in-class sessions or engage in the course online through their accounts. Notably, they can visit the Language Center to get the receipt.

Note: Individuals applying for an online course must consider the following details:

Course delivery: The course will be delivered digitally, utilizing the Zoom or Team platforms.

Required Equipment: Students must have reliable internet access and equipment (laptop, mobile phone, or tablet).

Digital Guidance: Students are expected to be competent in utilizing the designated programs, including accessing meetings, posing questions, and basic audio and video editing functionalities.

Number of participants: No limits on the number of participants are specified for the course, and all the lessons will be recorded. The lessons will either be recorded on IEUK or uploaded to the YouTube platform, and the links will be sent to the participants.

Assessment: A substantial portion (up to 75%) of the assessment will be conducted automatically without direct involvement from the teacher.

Final Exam: In both in-class and online courses, their final exam will be conducted online by the universities and under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education.


Noteworthy: The participants must visit the Language Center before getting the receipt.