The Career Development Centre at the University of Zakho announces 3 Job Oppoutinities to work with autisitc kids at the Autism Centre in Zakho city

Saturday, 2 October 2021, 15:13

Job opportunity!

This is an announcement from the Career Development Centre CDC at the University of Zakho to its alumni, the Autism Centre in Zakho city needs 3 graduates from the (Psychology, Physical Education, Arabic, or Kurdish) department, to work with Autistic Kids. 

- The graduate of the Psychology department will be the Therapist trainer of Autistic children.
- The Physical Education graduate will be the physical trainer of Autistic children.
- The Arabic or Kurdish department graduate will be the Articulation of speech trainer of Autistic kids.

The requirements of the job holder:

- Qualifications: BA or BS in one of these departments Psychology, Physical Education, Arabic/ Kurdish Language Department. 
- Ability to work with co-workers.
- Ability to work and deal with Autistic kids.
- Ability to do multi-task at the same time. 
- Home Address: Zakho

The deadline for application is on the 5th of October, 2021.

You can send your CV to the below available email: