The 8th Round of the Pedagogical Course Was Successfully Concluded

Tuesday, 30 January 2024

On January 29, 2024, the 8th round of the pedagogical course was successfully concluded in the presence of the Director of Pedagogical Training and Academic Development Center, Mr. Shler M. Muhammad, the vice presidents, Dr. Jasim M. Abdo and Dr. Ramadhan J. Mustafa, along with the Director General of the Scientific Research Center, Dr. Dindar Sh. Beri, and the Dean of the College of Education and course trainer, Dr. Sattar J. Haji.

The center's director, Mr. Shler, expressed gratitude in his opening remarks to the entire staff for their hard work and dedication, specifically the former director, Dr. Sattar, for his valuable contributions in developing the center.

Furthermore, with valuable perspectives, capacities, and insights gained, this course represented the end of a transforming journey for the participants. The modules covered six key areas: ICT, Student-Centered Learning, Innovative Pedagogical Approach, Research and Development, Competence-Based Education, and Entrepreneurship.

Moreover, the course lasted for 6 months, and the number of participants was 40 from different specialties, universities, and the Ministry of Education.


In the closing remarks, Mr. Shler congratulated the successful completion of the training course, aiming for further achievements and progress in the years to come.