A Delegation from the University of Zakho Participated in the TeachersMOD Project Courses

Sunday, 19 November 2023

The second delegation from the University of Zakho participated in the TeachersMOD project courses at the University of Otad in Portugal and the University of Granada in Spain on November 13-17, 2023.

The delegation consisted of eight  academic members of the College of Basic Education, namely: Dr. Sattar J. Haji, Dr. Delbrin A. Ali, Dr. Falah F. Youssef, Dr. Deler A. Jameel, Mr. Salah S. Shahbaz, Mr. Gutiar I. Ahmed, Mr. Ayoub H. Muhammad, and Mr. Khaled E. Bashir.


It is worth reminding that The TeachersMOD project's primary objective is to elevate the quality of academic offerings at the College of Basic Education. It will also place emphasis on several significant areas, among them, utilizing contemporary teaching techniques, designing subjects and programs, and cultivating a flexible skill set.