A Group of Lecturers from the University of Zakho Participated in a Winter School Program in Germany.

Tuesday, 28 March 2023

A Group of Lecturers from the University of Zakho participated in a Winter School Program entitled "Special Educational Needs (in regular schools) – Train the Teacher Trainer (SEN-T3)" at Europa-University / Flensburg in Germany.

The Winter School took place at Europa-University / Flensburg from March 12 to March 24, 2023. The group consisted of Dr. Zahid S. Mohammed, Head of the Psychology Department, Ms. Vaman A. Mohammed, Coordinator of The Psychology Department, and Mr. Khorsheed M. Rasheed, Lecturer at the English Language Department, along with the other Participants from the rest of the participated universities in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

The event consisted of several lectures, seminars, and workshops, in addition to visits to different Elementary schools, Special Needs Schools, and a preschool on the topics of inclusive education, and cooperative and collaborative learning. The school visit was a practical part of the program in order to demonstrate inclusive education in Germany and observe the interactions among the teachers, Special needs educators, and pupils, as well as how the school system and Curriculum could support Inclusive Education.

It mainly aims to illustrate the role of inclusion and its implementation in the process of teaching and how it activates Special Needs Education at the same regular primary school. Besides, it is also a practical part of the project that shows the cooperation and collaboration in which it figures out the advantages and challenges during the implementation of Inclusive and Special Needs Education in the same school.

Noteworthy, the project is funded by the German DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) organization. Additionally, The Winter School was supported by DAAD, EUF Central Committee for Europe and International Affairs, EUF Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer, ZeBUSS, and Fördergesellschaft der Universität Flensburg e.V. Ultimately, the participating members were granted a certificate of completion.