A delegation from the University of Zakho Participated in a Training Course about Supporting and Enhancing the Labor Market

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

A delegation from the University of Zakho, consisting of Dr. Karwan F. Sami, Vice President for Students Affairs, Dr. Ramadhan J. Mustafa, Head of the Computer Science Department, Dr. Ibrahim A. Naqid, Head of the Medicine Department, and Mr. Sevar D. Salahaddin, Academic Staff at the Civil Engineering Department, participated in a training course conducted by the IREX organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education in order to support and enhance the labor market.

The event was held over two days in the presence of the ministry's advisors and directors, and 70 teachers and researchers from various Kurdistan governmental universities, including the University of Zakho.

The workshop discussed the educational reality and educational outcomes, their evaluation, identifying the gap between the educational paths and the needs of the labor market, providing broader support to cover the needs of the market, and ensuring that skills are aligned with those requirements.