Students at the Department of Management Sciences Conducted a Scientific Trip to the Kurdistan Region Parliament

Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Under the supervision of Mr. Jotiar Hassan and Mr. Azad Abdulsamad, Lecturers at the Department of Management Sciences at the College of Administration and Economics, the 3rd stage students at the aforementioned department conducted a scientific trip to the Kurdistan Region Parliament on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

The students were sincerely received by Hemin Hawrami, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament, and welcomed them in the presence of parliamentarians, namely: Rozhan Ibrahim, Reving Heruri, and Chiya Hameed. They presented significant information regarding the establishment date of the Parliament, the method of administration, the enactment of laws during the sessions, the method of selecting the members of Parliament, the distribution of seats, and so on.

Moreover, throughout their tour, the students inspected the halls of Parliament and toured the Parliament Library. The Director of the Library welcomed them and explained to them the working process, the library system, and how to benefit from the library's resources.