The APPRAIS Project Committee at the University of Zakho Conducted a Meeting

Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Under the supervision of Dr. Dler A. Jameel, Director of Quality Assurance and Organizer of the APPRAIS Project at the University of Zakho, the APPRAIS Project Committee at the University of Zakho conducted a meeting on Sunday, January 8, 2023.

The meeting discussed plans and preparations to organize a course entitled “Governance, Quality, and the Reform Process in the Kurdistan Region”. The course will be launched under the supervision of the University of Zakho in cooperation with the Spanish University of Murcia, and with the support of the Italian Organization “UNINIED, the universities of Pisa Italy, Oslo in Norway, and Evora in Portugal.

The University of Zakho, which is represented by Dr. Nadhim S. Abdulaziz, President of the University of Zakho, and Dr. Karwan F. Sami, Vice President for Students Affairs at the University of Zakho, in addition to several directors, heads of departments, and university lecturers, will participate in the event. Noteworthy, the course will continue for two months and it will be conducted online.