The Pedagogical and Academic Training Center Has Started a Course

Monday, 11 April 2022

The Pedagogical and Academic Training Center organized a course on Developing the Administrative and Working Capabilities for a number of employees of the Technical Institute of Zakho in collaboration with the latter side. At the beginning of the course, Dr. Sattar J. Haji, Director of the Pedagogical and Academic Training Center, sincerely welcomed the participants on behalf of the University of Zakho and stated the significance for conducting such collaboration.

The aims of the course are to develop the administrative and working capabilities of the participants and to perform their work duties properly.

Noteworthy, the course is going to last for two (2) weeks and the number of partakers is “15” from a variety of specialties. The course is presented by Mr. Lazgeen M. Halo and Mr. Hishiar S. Fatah.

The course concentrates on the following topics:

1.      The Process of Writing Official Papers

2.      Social Service Law

3.      University Service Law

4.      Obtaining Permit

5.      Retirement