A Researcher from the University of Zakho Participates Remotely in a Conference on Information Security

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Mr. Yusif G. Arshak-researcher at the ICT Center – University of Zakho, participated in the conference that was held from 14 to 18 December 2020 under the title "5G and Internet of Things Thessaloniki Week 2020".

In its sessions, the conference dealt with the concept of cybersecurity and ensuring the security of information and data across various networks with the aim of strengthening the protection of these networks and information technology systems, with a focus on their importance in society and countering the security risks related to the breach of digital privacy.

The conference, which was held on the ZOOM platform, was co-organized by the TeamUp5G project, IEEE Communication Greece, Communications, Cybersecurity, and IoT Research Group, and the IEEE Student Branch IHU and sponsored by IEEE Communications Society.

5G and Internet of Things Thessaloniki Week 2020 – TeamUp5G (uc3m.es)