The University of Zakho Participated in a Web-Conference Held by Two German Universities,Oldenburg and Vechta

Sunday, 5 July 2020

On July 2nd, 2020, a group from the University of Zakho namely; Dr. Zahid Sami Mohammed- the Head of Psychology dept., Mr. Ivan Hasan Murad-the Director of Language Center, Dr. Hariwan Zikri Ibrahim -the Head of Mathematics dept./ Faculty of Education, Mr. Khorsheed Mohammed Rasheed-the Coordinator of English dept./ Faculty of Humanities, Ms. Kajeen Hussein Karo -faculty member of Psychology dept., and Mrs. Vaman Ahmed-Coordinator of Psychology dept., participated in an online conference.


It is worth mentioning that five universities namely: Mosul University, Kufa University, Duhok University, Garmian University, and University of Zakho participated in this conference. The conference started by a welcome session presented by prof. Frederike Bartels, a professor at Vechta University. Then, the participating universities presented the current education updates undergoing at each university and the way each university coped with the current situation characterized by the spread of Covid-19. Mr. Ivan H. Murad presented the current updates undergoing at the University of Zakho and listed the number of activities done by the University of Zakho group which are related to the Qualification for Inclusive Education Project which started in August 2019. 


It's also worthwhile to mention that both universities, Oldenburg and Vechta were impressed by the way the University if Zakho carried on with the education process and also by the activities the group of the university had conducted to serve people of special needs and also equip the teaching staffs at the primary and kindergarten on how to deal with pupils with special needs and also the way they can teach both normal students and those of spcial needs in the same class. 


The conference ended with the agenda of our upcoming activies presented by Mr. Sönke Thies, the coordinator of the program and the faculty member of special needs division at Oldenburg University.