Department of Islamic Studies


The Department of Islamic Studies - Faculty of Humanities / University of Zakho was founded in September, 2011 due to the urgent need of this Department in Zakho and Dohuk Universities. The Department of Islamic Studies has the honour to teach the principles and legislation of the Glorious Quran and its Sunnah and sciences. This deepens the knowledge of students, including evidence of legal provisions on which the human connection with Allah and his society and the connection of the Muslim community to other communities. It also states individuals’ responsibility and their society in carrying the message to the end i.e.; message of mercy and love for all humanity, and emphasizes the human dignity and prestige, away from any discrimination, ideological, regional, racial or intellectual thoughts.


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Department of Islamic Studies

Zakho International Road, Duhok, Kurdistan Region-Iraq, P. O. Box 12

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Sunday - Thursday 08:30a.m. - 03:00p.m.

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