A seminar on "The art of writing a literary –artistic story"

Thursday, 29 June 2017, 00:00

On Thursday, 26/6/2017, at 5:30 p.m. Panageh centre for education in subordination with H@Edgeininstitute-Sharya/Dohuk, organised a seminar on "How to write a literary- artistic story" for Mr Dlier Kemal Ahmed, a Research Assistant in the Statistics and ICT center at the University of zakho. This seminar was held in the hall of the organisation. In his seminar, Mr. Diler Kemal referred to a number of issues that must be met by the narrator to produce a valuable literary story, including;
1- Introduce the literary story
2- How the story originated
3-The stages of writing a story and its creation
4ـ Elements of a literary story
5ـThe shape and content of the story
At the end of the seminar, many constructive discussions took place between the presenter and the audience. Likewise, the centre thanked Mr. Diler and the academic staff at the University of zakho for their active participation and support in the work and projects of the centre