The 60th Meeting of the Kurmanji Group

Friday, 19 May 2017, 00:00

On Thursday 18th of May 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abdulwahab Khalid Musa, the Vice President for Student Affairs, Mr Kendall Nazan, the president of the Kurdish Institute, Paris, Mr. Rasho Zilan, the President of the Kurmanji group, deans and lecturers from the University of Zakho, the closing ceremony of the 60th meeting of the Kurmanji group at the University of Zakho was held.
In the beginning, Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Khalid Mousa, as a representative of the president of the University of Zakho, delivered a speech and said: the Assist. Prof. Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jamil, the President of the University of Zakho, sent his greetings and respects to the members of the meeting. Then, he expressed his admiration and satisfaction with the work of the meeting, and he stated on behalf of the University of Zakho the readiness of the university to support and cooperate in the work of the meeting of the Kurmanji group, and wishing success to the members of the meeting.
After that, Mr. Rasho Zilan, the chairman of the Kurmanji group meeting and president of the Kurdish Institute in Paris, in his speech he gave thanks and gratitude to the presidency of the University of Zakho for its hospitality. Then he clearly disclosed the work of the meeting.
In the end of their speeches, Prof. Dr. Abdulwahab Khalid Musa presented the Logo of the University of Zakho to Mr. Kendal Nazan, President of the Kurdish Institute – Paris, also he gave them some academic and journal books from the University of Zakho for the office of the Kurmanji group.
It is worth mentioning that, in appreciation of their efforts, a special session held in the evening of the meeting, to give each member of the Karamanji group and members of the Committee of the University of Zakho a certificate of participation.