The University of Zakho participated in a training course entitled "Citizen Journalism when the recipient is a sender."

Tuesday, 16 May 2017, 00:00

On Sunday 14th of May, 2017, Miss. Wafaa Hassan Abdulrahman, Research Assistant at the ICT and Statistics Center at the Zakho University, participated in a two days training course entitled "Citizen Journalism when the recipient is a sender", which was held in the hall of the Kurdistan Students Union Center-Duhok.
It is worth mentioning that, the course presented the basics and standards that must be followed in the Journalism to achieve the greatest effectiveness on these platforms and expand the circle of followers. On the other hand, by the video show the participations the way of detecting falsehood and false news that exaggerate the means of communication. The course also included practical exercises to train about detection of inaccuracies and modified images that published.
At the end of the course, they distributed the certificates of participation to the participants. The participants expressed their happiness and satisfaction in holding this session to gain awareness and knowledge in the rules and basis of the Journalism.