Admissions of Accepting Students in the Department of Islamic Studies at The University of Zakho

Wednesday, 7 September 2016, 00:00

On Sunday the 4th of September,2016 the admission tests of accepting students in the department of Islamic Studies/ Faculty of Humanities took place. Worth mentioning, more than 150 students have applied. The questions were mainly related to the curriculum of the department and the students who pass the tests will be directly accepted.

The examining committee consisted of the following lecturers of the university:

Dr. Farsat Abdullah Yahya: President

Dr. Mohammed Shakir Mohammed Salih: member

Dr. Hawjin Mula Amin: member

Dr. Jawad Faqi Ali: member

Dr. Iz-aldeen Hussein Jameel: member

Dr. Rizgar Suliman Mawlood: member

Dr. Shamal Abdull Mohammed: member