The University of Zakho Commemorated World Mental Health Day

Tuesday, 11 October 2022, 09:39

By the advent of World Mental Health Day, the College of Education at the University of Zakho conducted two panels regarding mental health matters in collaboration with the SWEDO Organization.

The panels were presented by Dr. Zahid S. Mohammed, Head of the Department of General Psychology, Dr. Nizar I. Ali, Lecturer at the University of Zakho, Dr. Noureddine A. Al-katana, Ms. Haifa W. Mohammed, Lecturer at the University of Zakho, and Mr. Shakir M. Mohammed, Director of Zakho Autism Center.

The two panels dealt with the concepts of stress, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, the presenters clarified how those concepts affect the health of the individual in different age groups, the reasons for their high rates, the importance of awareness of mental health, and its dissemination in society.

Noteworthy, this event is celebrated worldwide annually through conducting various activities that aim to increase awareness of mental health and to provide the necessary measures to maintain the safety of individuals.