The University of Zakho Organized a Marathon in Collaboration with Zakho Sport Club

Wednesday, 16 March 2022, 09:24

By the advent of the uprising commemoration of Zakho City , the College of Education at the University of Zakho organized a marathon in collaboration with Zakho Sport Club. The activity was conducted in the presence of Dr. Nadhim S. Abdulaziz, President of the University of Zakho, and Mr. Guhdar Shekho, Supervisor of the Independent Administration of Zakho, along with a number of government prominent figures, and young men and women of Zakho.

The male victors:

1- Fatah T. Abdullah / 1st Place

2- Abdullah I. Hassan / 2nd Place

3- Revink M. Rasheed / 3rd Place


The female victors:

1- Halat A. Omer / 1st Place

2- Duaa F. Nuraldeen / 2nd Place

3- Janat F. Mohammed / 3rd Place