The University of Zakho Has Advanced More Than ‘2500’ Ranks Worldwide

Wednesday, 2 February 2022, 11:23

According to Webometrics, the University of Zakho has advanced more than ‘2500’ ranks worldwide.

As reported in the recently updated ranking list of world’s universities, which was published in January of the current year, the University of Zakho has obtained the position of '4588'. In the previous year, in July particularly, Zakho University was ranked ‘7101’. It is vital to highlight that the University of Zakho has attained the rank of ‘29’ in the ranking of Iraqi universities, the rank of ‘238’ at the level of Arab universities and the rank of ‘473’ at the level of Asian universities.

It is worth mentioning that Webometrics is a ranking system for the world’s universities. It offers bi-annually (July, January) updated ranking list of the global universities. Significantly, the rankings are based on certain composite factors including the information published on the official websites of the universities, and a set of standards such as the scientific production, the quality of the scientific researches, the performance of the university and its activities.

In order to check the ranking list, please click on the following link: