The Humanities Academic Journal of the University of Zakho Has Been Indexed by DOAJ

Tuesday, 6 July 2021, 16:26

The University of Zakho eagerly announces that the Academic Journal of the University of Zakho has been indexed by DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). 

The Journal of Humanities is a journal issued by the University of Zakho. It includes summaries, references and articles. It publishes research and summaries related to the humanities and social sciences, such as linguistics, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc.

It’s worth noting that ( DOAJ) indexed the university's scientific journal two years ago, and this is an achievement that enhances the university's reputation, contributes significantly to raising the scientific and knowledge level and achieving the university's vision and mission. Likewise, The Directory of Open Access Journals, which began its activities in 2003 at the Swedish University of Lund, is one of the most important sites covering all fields of science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology, medicine, humanities, etc.