The University of Zakho Participated in the German Inclusive Education Program

Sunday, 11 April 2021, 15:52

The University of Zakho along with four other Iraqi universities namely ; Dohuk University, Garmiyan, Mosul, and Kofa, participated in the “Inclusive Education Program” which is organized by the German universities (Vechta University and University of Oldenburg) under the supervision of DAAD Organization. 

The team of the University of Zakho consisted of Dr. Zahid Sami-the Head of Psychology Department, Dr. Kovan Abduljabar-Director of ICT and Statistics Center, Dr. Hariwan Zikri-the Head of Mathematics Department, Mr. Ivan Hassan-Director of Language Center, Mr. Khorshed Mohammed- Coordinator of English Language Department, and Ms. Vaman Mohammed-Coordinator of the Psychology Department. 

It’s worth mentioning that in this program, both aforementioned universities, in collaboration with the University of Hamburg, suggested a program to implement the best ways to deal with special needs education and inclusive education.