The University of Zakho Signs an Agreement with Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University

Wednesday, 8 July 2020, 14:42

As a step to develop the education process and gain more knowledge and achievements, the University of Zakho seeks to sign national and international agreements with well-known universities. Therefore, the University of Zakho signed recently an agreement with Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University via Swedish Iraqi Studies Network (SISNET).

SISNET is an interdisciplinary network promoting research and education ,as well as disseminating information about Iraqi society and culture. The network seeks to provide support to the researchers in Iraqi affairs throughout the world in facilitating their research and studies in obtaining resources, instructions, directives and other facilities, and holding conferences, workshops and lectures in the areas of society, education, health, climate, history, politics, and Migration, economics, and supporting the efforts of Iraqi universities.

It is worth mentioning that during  2019-2020, SISNET has organized many scientific activities, such as conferences, workshops, training courses and others with different national and international universities.

on February 18, 2020, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Swedish Iraqi Studies Network and the University of Zakho for cooperation in all scientific fields signed by Lund University Sameer Algburi and Prof. Ronny Berndtsson the director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University and from the University of Zakho signed by the President of the University.