A Team from the University of Zakho Participated in a Workshop on E-learning

Saturday, 2 May 2020, 23:22

After the spread of Corona virus and the lockdown of universities, many universities started their education process online. The University of Zakho like other universities resumed the education process through electronic system. Therefore, a group of lecturers of the colleges and faculties of the university participated in a workshop on E-learning which was organized by IREX Organization for Iraqi universities.

The purpose of this workshop was to train the participants on electronic learning so that they can teach others in their universities.

It's worth mentioning that the workshop will last till the end of May and the participants will get certificates after they finish the workshop.

The team of the University of Zakho consists of the following:

1-Mr. Kovan A. Mohamed 

2-Dr. Diler A. Jameel

3-Ms. Dileen A. Meero

4-Mr. Jomaa Q. Mohamed 

5-Dr. Kanaan R. Ahmed

6-Mr. Sherwan A. Abdullah

7-Mr.Saban S. Haji

8-Mr.Serwan Kemal

9-Dr. Ibrahim A. Naqeed

10-Mr. Renas A. Mohamed