International Mother Language Day Is Celebrated at the University of Zakho

Monday, 24 February 2020, 00:00

On Monday, Feb 24, 2020, the presidency of the Kurdish Department, in collaboration with Xedeng Cultural Website, celebrated International Mother Language Day in the presence of Assistant Professor Dr. Karwan F. Sami-Vice President of the university for Students Affairs, Dr. Hoqir T. Tawfiq-Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, lecturers, students, and media institutions. The activities took place at the hall of Khalil Khayali-Faculty of Humanities.

The activities started with an exhibition of paintings then a speech was delivered by the Head of Kurdish Department in which he warmly welcomed the guests and talked about the mother language. Then four seminars were delivered by students. They talked about the importance and roots of the Kurdish language.

In addition, various videos on the Kurdish language were screened and a number of poems were delivered by Poet Abdulaziz Sulaiman.