A Announcment from the Statistics and ICT Center

Monday, 14 December 2020, 20:39

Statistics and ICT Center at the University of Zakho would like to inform the first stage students that their university e-mail has become available for use, and the student can obtain it from the department in which he is studying.

Email Uses:


1. Allows the student to access the Moodle educational system via the following link: https://moodle.uoz.edu.krd

2. Join the online semester if it is not available by sending an email to moodle@uoz.edu.krd and entering the required information such as (name, college or faculty, the department, and which stage) with an explanation of the type of problem to be addressed.

3. If the student encounters any problem using his e-mail, he can write to support@uoz.edu.krd and enter the information mentioned in the previous point and explain the type of problem to be addressed.

4. The university e-mail allows the student to use the Internet service by entering the name and password.

For more information, visit the following link: